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9th Oct 2020 - October Trade Shows

October is the month when the 'top fruit industry' gathers to celebrate and promote our Great British Apples and Pears.


For the first time, this the 87th National Fruit Show will be a 'Virtual Event' due to the influence of COVID-19


Sponsors are always important to the success of the annual show and their support in these times of uncertainty are as important as in any normal year.


The sponsors.






















This week, the Fruit Produce Journal (FPJ) held their show on Tuesday 6th October and in 2 weeks time The National Fruit Show 'Virtual Event' will take place on Thursday 22nd October.


Below: Claire Seymour


Click on To register for the 2020 National Fruit Show - Virtual Event - Click on: 2020 National Fruit Show



Click on CLAIRE SEYMOUR with news of the latest FENDT Tractor


















2020 Harvest


Jazz update


My friend Simon Bray sent me these pictures of his Jazz being harvested today.






Braeburn harvest update


On the vast majority of sites, starch is now at or close to 70%, which is the point at which harvesting should begin. Experience has shown that completing harvest by the time starch levels have declined to 50% reduces internal disorders and optimizes the flavour of the fruit out of store. Starch levels decline on average by 2%/day, so by 18th October, harvesting on most sites should be complete.


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