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1st Oct 2021 - No time to waste as Gala harvest races on and the late varieties will be ready before we know it!

As we move into October with our apple & pear growers fully involved with harvest, the finest of UK apples and pears will be the centrepiece of fruit shows over the next few weeks.


It's Showtime in October


Already, The Malvern Autumn Show has passed last weekend (September 24th, 25th & 26th)


On Saturday 2nd October (tomorrow) from 10am Cranbrook Apple Fayre takes place in the streets of Cranbrook in Kent


Brogdale Collections offer various opportunities under their HERITAGE EVENTS for visitors to book guided tours of the orchard collections.


The National Fruit Show takes place on Wednesday & Thursday 20th/21st October at The Kent Event Centre at Detling in Kent.

With the help of my friendly Agronomists, The English Apple Man updates the progress of this season's apple harvest



After the warm and sunny weather last week, it's turned cold and miserable this week, with a dramatic affect on fruit maturity. In many areas night time temperatures have dropped into single figures, greatly influencing the development of foreground colour.




While fruit Firmness has changed very little over the past week, starch has fallen by 10-15%.


Of concern, brix (sugar) levels have remained static 1-1.5% below the same stage last year. But maturity is now comparable with the same stage last year.


Of note: In several fruits the conversion of starch into sugar has almost finished and as the apples continue to respire, the stored sugars are utilised, resulting in the overall brix levels falling.


Harvesting Gala for long term storage should now be complete and remaining fruit should be targeted


Jazz and Braeburn are now showing good signs of size and the colour will soon follow suit.




Harvesting of Braeburn should begin at 70% starch and be completed by the time the level has

fallen to 50%. Based on current levels, the target starting starch of 70% is likely to be reached

early in the week commencing 11th October.


Other varieties


<Rubens - Harvesting should be underway or starting soon.


<Cabaret - On some sites picking is imminent but will need to be started on all sites next week.


<Cameo - End of next week











<Magic Star - More details next week but looking like w/c 11th October




<Jazz - More details next week but looking like circa 12th October













The apples mentioned are an established varieties of importance to growers and retailers, hence the emphasis on harvest dates and storage. However there are many varieties produced in lower volumes which also deliver a "good eating experience" for consumers!


Zari, Suffolk Pink, Egremont Russet, Kanzi, Crimson Crisp, Daliclass, Opal, Winter Wonder, et al:


A wider selection can be found in Farm Shops across the country.


That is all for this week


Take care


The English Apple Man