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11th Mar 2022 - East Kent Fruit Society Dinner and Competition Presentations

Annually the East Kent Fruit Society met in January for their AGM, Dinner and Trophy Presentations in late January.


Due to COVID19 the 2022 AGM was held in early February on ZOOM, but for the first time in two years the Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentations took place as a 'live event' at Faversham Golf Club on Tuesday (last) 8 March.


Below: EKFS Trophies


The 2022 East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) Dinner attracted 81 attendees tucking into a roast beef dinner and judging by the 'hum of conversation' proved to be a very happy occasion as EKFS members were at last able to gather as a group.



The format for the evening started with presentation of Trophies by EKFS President Henry Bryant, introduced by Chairman Will Riccini ably supported by Caroline Ashdown (past Chair) ensuring the right trophy ended in the correct pair of hands!


As is often the case, winners of the highest profile trophies 'gather' several different classes each!


This year's awards were dominated by AC Goatham and AC Hulme, with Adrian Scripps Ltd also well presented.


Orchard of the year Elgar Memorial Bowl - A C Goatham - Shrubbery Farm - Block 19 Gala


Below: Ross Goatham - MD AC Goatham & Son 'Orchard of the Year' and multiple award winners



Below: Paul Hamlyn - Farm Manager at AC Hulme & Son collected multiple awards



Below: President Henry Bryant with Piotr Bukowski - Production Director at AC Goatham & Son



Below: Henry Bryant presents an award to Russell Graydon Farm Manager at Adrian Scripps Ltd Wenderton Farm



Below: Henry Bryant presents Simon Mount from New Barn Farm with the 'smart cigarette box



Below: Henry Bryant presents David Riccini from W & D Riccini Hospital Farm with the Mike Barnet Trophy



Below: Sam Figgis from Figgis Farms receives the Murphy Plate from President Henry Bryant





David Hilton was a well respected East Kent fruit grower, A tireless supporter of the UK fruit industry and of the East Kent Fruit Society. He gave a large amount of time and energy back to the industry and was one of Kent fruit growing's unsung heroes.


In his memory, The East Kent Fruit Society decided to create an award for services to the fruit industry in Kent and beyond. The intended recipients are those who have given something something back to the industry, who have not been and are unlikely to be recognised in other ways.


Recipients are typically approaching the end of a career or stepping down from a defining role. Previous recipients have been growers, managers, advisors, research scientists, technologists, lecturers and others from key industry roles.


It is not aimed at recognising commercial or business success as Society competitions reflect this.


The annual award of the David Hilton Memorial Medal was presented to Colin Carter by President Henry Bryant.


Colin Carter - General Manager, joined Landseer in December 2001, after 10 years working for Rohn & Haas, who specialised in serving the UK horticultural market. Colin's experience is broad based working in logistical, technical, registration and sales areas.


Colin is central to the success of Landseer as an important contributor to harvest and storage technology.



Colin Carter receives the prestigious David Hilton Memorial Medal from President Henry Bryant







EKFS After Dinner speaker Major David Bradley


We were entertained and inspired by our after dinner speaker. David has been full circle; born on the family farm, he became soldier and hero before returning to the family farm. He is now an inspirational speaker which is central to his life.


Below: This extract from his web site summarises his adventures


Major David Bradley grew up on his family's farm in East Kent before attending the University of Cardiff. In 1992 David began officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst after graduating in Ancient History and Religious Studies.


In 1993, he was commissioned to the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment. As a young infantry officer, David served on operation in Northern Ireland as well as Germany, Canada and Germany. David is a favourite on the after dinner speaker circuit for his courageous story and motivational tales. In 1999, David was posted to 4th Armoured Brigade, serving in Kosovo for 4 months before returning to take command of B Company. Soon after David returned, he was sent with his brigade to Iraq, in what would be an extremely difficult tour.


Tasked with trying to rebuild local towns and cities whilst regularly being confronted with mortar, rocket and machine gun attacks, the violence culminated with a 3 hour battle trying to rescue an isolated patrol in the centre of Basra. David was left with severe injuries to his chest, shoulder, right eye and hand, at the time the field hospital gave him only a 5% chance of survival. A shocking tale, David has audiences in awe when describing this fearsome battle as a motivational speaker.


However after 4 years of rehabilitation and 20 operations David returned to run the family farm in Kent. Inspired by other amputee running marathons, David wanted to test his arm and shoulder and entered the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race with a friend. On 22 March 2008, after 27 hours, 125 miles, 77 locks and the worst conditions in 60 years, the pair finished and managed to raise £22,000 for Help for Heroes in the process.


A prime example of an individual overcoming adversity, Bradley is a highly respected motivational speaker and after dinner speaker. David's interest in speaking on his life and what is needed to overcome adversity was discovered during a talk to Cadets when he was invited back to Sandhurst after his recovery. David often now addresses both military and civilian audiences with talks as an after dinner speaker concerning the principles and importance of consistent and direct leadership.


To access Major David Bradley's after dinner speaker details, click on: Major David Bradley - Inspirational Speakers


Below: EKFS President Henry Bryant, EKFS Chairman Will Riccini & Major David Bradley








A - Dessert Apples Cox


1st Starns Cup - A C Hulme - Merton Farm - Perfil


2nd Fast Cup - A C Goatham - Shrubbery Farm - Block 11


3rd Murphy Plate -D Figgis - Weystreet Farm - St Johns


B - Dessert Apples - Gala


1st - J R Breach Cup - A C Goatham - Shrubbery Farm - Block 19


2nd - Gala Club Trophy - A C Goatham - Turkey Hall Farm - Block 5


3rd - No trophy - Adrian Scripps - Wenderton Farm - Sale 11


C - Dessert Apples - Braeburn


1st - Norman Collett trophy - A C Hulme - Hoaden Court Farm - Mighty Knights


2nd - No trophy - Adrian Scripps - Parsonage Farm - P9


3rd - No trophy - Adrian Scripps - Wenderton Farm - Sale 12


D - Dessert Apples - Other Varieties


1st - Heath Engineering Plate - Simon Mount - New Barn Farm - C1


2nd - Ridley and Houlding Salver - F W Mansfield - Chislet Farm - Harbours Jazz


3rd - No trophy - D Figgis - Weystreet Farm - Harefield


E - Culinary Apples


1st - PP Bowl - F W Mansfield - Nichol Farm - Cowless


2nd - Twymans Dish - F W Mansfield - Loyterton Farm - Bank Bram M26


3rd - No Trophy - Not awarded


F - Most Commercial Orchard


1st - Dennis and Cooper Cup - F W Mansfield - Chislet Farm - Harbours Jazz


G - Pears - any variety


1st - Vye Salver - A C Hulme - Brook Farm - Grove Pears


2nd - Arnold Bowl - D Long - Dux Farm - Dux Court Bay 1


3rd - Smart Cigarette Box - Simon Mount - New Barn Farm - P6


Best New Entrant


Hutchinsons - Not awarded - no new entrant


B A Compliance Hygiene Award


Wine - A C Hulme - Merton Farm - Perfil


Best Orchard over 1,000 trees/acre


John Foad Cup - A C Goatham - Turkey Hall Farm - Block 5


Best Orchard under 1,000 trees/acres


Kent Fruit Services Tankard - A C Goatham - Shrubbery Farm - Block 19


Most Meritorious Award


Ernest Elgar Challenge Bowl - Not awarded


Orchard of the Year


Elgar Memorial Bowl - A C Goatham - Shrubbery Farm - Block 19 Gala


Best Young Orchard in 3rd leaf


Mike Barnett trophy - W & D Riccini - Hospital Farm - Leper's Bank


Well, that's pretty much all for this week, but I want to ask?


How many of my readers have been watching Marcus Wareings "Tales from a Country Garden" on BBC2 aired at 6.30 - 7pm Monday to Friday these last two weeks. Excellent easy watching and very educational too!!



That is all for this week


Take care


The English Apple Man