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The English Apple Man is a website dedicated to informing consumers about how the apples they buy in Supermarkets, Greengrocers, Farm Shops and other outlets are grown, harvested and marketed.



The Journals give a weekly update on events in our English apple orchards, using pictures and video clips to follow seasonal activities and giving the consumer a level of detail not available from any other source.


All aspects of growing, harvesting, storage, grading, packing and marketing are included enabling consumers to understand the challenges English growers face in supplying our sophisticated market place.





While there is enthusiastic support for older traditional varieties from dedicated interest groups and supportive media, the English Apple Man will endeavour to explain why support for the mainstream commercial production of English apples is vital to a sustainable apple industry in this country, delivering recognised benefits to the health of our consumers while maintaining our diverse and beautiful countryside.


Varieties grown commercially are relatively few in number, when matched against the 2300 varieties on display at The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Kent and while there is an increasing desire by all parties to retain and where possible reintroduce the best of our heritage varieties, the sustainability of our apple acreage depends on no more than a dozen varieties.





However, that does not mean we should dismiss all the efforts of growers determined to maintain our many heritage varieties, we must support all our producers, whether they be small in acreage, selling directly to the consumer, or large scale operations growing a thousand acres or more and totally dependent on supplying our supermarkets.


The History of The English Apple Man is a story of a lifetime spent in the industry, as a boy straight out of school, then as a young man developing all the practical knowledge of growing and later taking on the management of the family fruit farm, then changing course to join the major supplier of English Apples in a technical role and finally becoming Technical Director with a responsibility for product and environmental safety, product quality, and technical innovation.


Now retired, The English Apple Man will bring his unique experience of the English apple industry to all who visit the English Apple Man website.





New English Apple Man website!


After five and a half years and 308 weekly Journals, The English Apple Man has a new user friendly website.


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Annual Brogdale Apple Festival


On Saturday and Sunday 17th & 18th October 2015 the annual Brogdale Apple Festival will be held at Brogdale Farm Faversham.


National Fruit Show


The 2015 National Fruit Show takes place at the Kent Showground, Detling, Maidstone on Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd October


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Latest Journals


Bountiful Botanics at Wakehurst Place


Last Sunday The English Apple Man attended the first Bountiful Botanics event at Wakehurst Place in East Sussex


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Apple harvest is well under way


Apple harvest is in full swing; most Cox have been picked and Gala picking is well under way......


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The English Apple Man visits Southwell home of the Bramley apple


Norwood Park in Nottinghamshire is the custodian of the original Bramley apple


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What are the prospects for Gala our number one variety


The English Apple Man attends this year's Gala Club meeting at Sean Charlton's Farm


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September is here and the apple harvest is underway


After the early season apples, the second earlies, Zari and Estivale are now in the shops


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Out and about in Kent's orchards


The English Apple Man has been out and about in Apple & Pear orchards in North Kent


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The English Apple Man reviews orchard competitions


Over the last fortnight two orchard competitions have been concluded and prizewinners announced.


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The English Apple Man visits Lake Constance


The beautiful Lake Constance region of Southern Germany is a major apple production area.


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It's Orchard Competition time


The English Apple Man and his friends have been Judging apple and pear orchards


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The English Apple Man at 2015 Fruit Focus


What 'caught the eye' of The English Apple Man at Fruit Focus


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July and its Fruit Focus time again


This week the annual Fruit Focus event was held at East Malling Research


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The English Apple Man visits East Anglia


A visit to Boxford (Suffolk) Farms at Stoke by Nayland in Essex with The Essex & Suffolk Fruit Growers Society


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Cherries are looking good!


As the UK Cherry harvest gets seriously under way - The English Apple Man visits East Kent


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What a scorcher this week has been


Wimbledon - Strawberries & Cream, Cherries and Hampton Court Flower Show too!


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Beautiful Strawberries as Wimbledon approaches


This week The English Apple Man joined fellow EKFS members on a visit to Hugh Lowe Farms


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A better week's weather as we approach the 'summer solstice'


Some very pleasant weather this week and the English Apple Man attends the BIFGA - AGM and HDC/EMR Strawberry walk


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Its mid June and time to consider the prospects for 2015


The English Apple Man has been 'out and about' this week assessing the hail damage and crop potential


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The English Apple Man is back home!


After the sun and warmth in Malta, it was back to a typical mixed bag of English weather.


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A last week on holiday for The English Apple Man


By the time most of my readers 'sign on' we will be on our way back home!


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Its sunny in Malta but there is news of hail back home


After a wet period from Sunday evening through until Monday lunchtime, the sun is out and temperatures back above 25C.


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It's holiday time for The English Apple Man


Its sunny here in Senglea and its been much warmer back home!


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May the weather get better


One week into May and the weather has not been what we need at blossom time - high winds are not conducive to good pollination!


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Apples in blossom in East Kent


Apple blossom time at Chandler and Dunn at Lower Goldstone, Ash in East Kent






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Plants and people are enjoying the sunshine.


The warmer weather continues and more blossom appears each day; Plums and Pears are in bloom and Apples on the way!


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Marvelous weather keeps the fruit bud moving


The weather is marvelous and the fruit bud is moving fast; Victoria Plums are in full bloom, while Conference Pears are at the white bud/early blossom stage. Most apples are at the Green Cluster stage and should be showing signs of blossom by next weekend.




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Good Easter weather


The much improved weather which started 'fitfully' over Easter, has advanced the fruit bud during this week.



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Easter is here - as I write this week's Journal it is 'Good Friday' - the weather today is far from good, with a light drizzle hanging about all day. At least spending the day indoors writing is not accompanied by a wistful look at sunshine outside.


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The English Apple Man attends Horticulture Development Company Tree Fruit Day


As March nears its end, the season is about two weeks behind 2014 emphasising the erratic nature of our climate; 2013 was the very late season and 2012 a bit earlier than this year. Of course it can ALL change, and it probably will!


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The Under 40's visit to Benelux


This week, a final look at The Under 40's visit to Benelux.


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The Under 40's visit 27/2/15


This week's Journal will cover most of the visits made by The Under 40's on Friday 27th February 2015 - final visits on Friday and Saturday 27th/28th February will be reported in the Journal for 20th March.


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Under 40's Conference in Benelux


Last week was a very busy one as The English Apple Man joined his young friends on the Under 40's Conference in Benelux.



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The Under 40's Conference in Benelux


This week The English Apple Man is in the Benelux region attending The Under 40's Conference with more than 50 aspirational young growers, scientists and technicians.


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