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13th Oct 2023 - The English Apple Man joins a community enjoying their Orchard.

Last Saturday, custodians and the community at Five Oak Green gathered to celebrate their Community Orchard.


The orchard inspired by Celia (it was her idea) and Roger Worraker as The Diamond Jubilee in 2012 has morphed from The Capel Community Orchard into The Worraker Community Orchard in memory of their status as members of their community.


Planted in 2012, The Worraker Community Orchard produces a wonderful mix of old and present varieties.


Click on: Planting the Worraker Community Orchard

Last Saturday was a most enjoyable day, enjoying the sunshine which blessed our gathering, as those who maintain the Community Orchard put on a display of varieties for the visitors from the local community as they gathered; many with young children, which was so appropriate Roger and Celia Worraker who created this wonderful orchard were very focused on the children from the local Capel Primary School were regular visitors to the orchard and beneficiaries' of Roger and Celia's great knowledge.



Click on: Pruning the Worraker Community Orchard in 2015


Below: left. The Falstaff apple tree sponsored by Roger & Celia Worraker and right. Roger admiring the tree a few years ago



Below: left. The Tasting table with members of the community and Jose Twynam who with Sophie Peers organised the event



Below: left. Demonstrating the extraction of juice and right appreciating the juice making operation



Below: left. Sophie Peers with her 'home made' apple crisps and right. the table hosting chutney and apple juice



Below: left. Apple cake made by a young lady using Celia Worraker's recipe and right. Jose Twynam's home made chutney with pumpkin in the ingredients



On the apple tasting table, a plethora of varieties and an invitation to taste and score personal favourites with a coloured marker. Some old and one two Surprises among the selection.


See below a part of the collection on display



What an enjoyable 'couple of hours' spent with members of the Five Oak Green and Capel community as they enjoyed the benefits of this wonderful orchard. Forever a testimonial to spent their married years at the heart of their community.


Click on Worraker Community Orchard - June 2023


The English Apple Man remembers Roger and Celia as special friends and Roger as a mentor! Click on The Roger Worraker Story



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